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Tyre Size Calculator

Fitment Finder includes one of the most powerful Tyre Size Calculator and Comparison tools available, and do you know the best thing about it? It's not on another company's website, showing competing products.

You can use the calculator with your customers to show them comparisons and pictures of the tyres that are available from your store and add a new level of professionalism to the sales process.

How the Tyre Size Calculator works:

Benefits to your business:

Keep things looking professional

Show your customers your own Tyre Size Calculator, not one on a competitor's website.

Clearly show customers the difference in tyre sizes

Provide a visual guide for your customers that helps them identify the correct size.

Compare OE and plus-size tyres

Find all the stats and data you need side by side.

Key features:

The best looking calculator around

Fitment Finder's tyre size calculator not only looks great but is easy to understand too. Stop showing your customers dodgy online calculators on random websites. Keep things professional and impress your customers with your own slick-looking comparison tool.

Compare up to 4 tyre sizes

Fitment Finder allows you to compare up to four tyre sizes at once. See all the statistics such as height, width and sidewall height side by side for easy comparison.

Visual guides

Fitment Finder's visual guide allows you to see sidewall and ride height differences side by side. Use this visual aid to help your staff and customers choose the appropriate tyre.

Selected screenshots:

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When you sign up to Fitment Finder you will receive:

  • 1 month of Fitment Finder for Free
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Once the 1-month trial is over you'll have the option to continue with a full account.

Fitment Finder FAQs

  • What is Fitment Finder?

    F***ing awesome!

    Fitment Finder is an online tool for tyre store owners and their employees to search for technical tyre, wheel and vehicle information with heaps of other useful features to inform tyre store staff.

  • How much does Fitment Finder Cost?

    Less than it's worth!

    Fitment Finder is a subscription-based service. We'll give you a 1-month free trial (no credit card details required) and once that's over, FF costs $99 per month. We'll give you 50 FREE license plate searches and 50 FREE text message quotes with the trial. Once these have been used an LPN search costs 21c and a text message quote costs 8c.

  • Why do you charge me for License Plate Searches and text messages?!

    Because we're very greedy.

    Not really, but unfortunately, there is a cost involved for us to access certain databases every time we match a License plate to a vehicle. This cost is passed on.

  • How do I use Fitment Finder?

    Fitment Finder is an online tool that is accessed via your web browser. You log in from this website and away you go. We're on hand to provide support via our live chat function, email or you can even speak to a real human on the phone.

  • Why would I want Fitment Finder?

    If it's difficult to find staff who know fitments, or you have other staff filling sales roles who don't have the knowledge, Fitment Finder is the perfect tool. It’s also ideal for filling in knowledge gaps for other employees who may not know every fitment, tyre pressure or lug torque off hand (who does?!).

  • What does the future hold for Fitment Finder?

    World Domination.

    We’re just getting warmed up. The current version of Fitment Finder is an amazing product, but we’ve got so much more to add. Over the next 12 months, we’ll be adding new and exciting features at regular intervals.

  • How do I cancel?

    Are you breaking up with us?

    Fitment Finder is flexible, there are no contracts or commitments. Just email support@mytyresite.com and let us know if you’d like to cancel. Start or stop your account at any time. We’ll always take you back and we promise not to be too clingy.